Sanctuary: Twelve

Even from halfway down the road, Emmett felt a knot in his stomach, but laying eyes on the yard filled with debris, the panes without glass, the front door hanging slack against only one hinge, he realized he couldn’t have calculated just how bad things could have been. Stepping away from home for any length […]

Sanctuary: Eleven

The time between his graduation and this return to the local high school had not been terribly long, but to Emmett, it may well have been a lifetime. There was no pale reflection of the halls he once walked and classrooms he sat in within the sparsely adorned walls of the public high school. Everything […]

Sanctuary: Ten

The morning brought the slightly more bold bleating of the fawn seeking sustenance and the pounding of a fist on the front door. Emmett rose, sweat slicking his face, and forced himself to less than steady feet in seconds. He stumbled with haste to the front door, worried another incursion was moments away if he […]

Sanctuary: Nine

The name ‘Robert’ appeared on Emmett’s phone and for a second he thought the man must have known he was thinking of him. He took little time to answer, “Hey, forget something?” “Emmett, I need your help. I’ve got an injured deer on my hands here. Can you do anything about it? It’s really little.” “Hang tight. […]

Sanctuary: Eight

The car was barely in park as Emmett flung himself out and up the steps of his porch. He wasn’t the best at remembering little things that were so essential to life they could be forgotten. However, of the many acts that fell by the wayside for him, Emmett never left the door unlocked or […]

Sanctuary: Seven

Morning brought calm again, though it came at the expense of a night. Emmett had done his best to make sure the bones in Blossom’s paw were set correctly and the wound bandaged appropriately. He knew she’d have it off within hours of waking, but he had nothing but time to keep on her and […]

Sanctuary: Six

Before the typical soothing of fears could wash any paranoia from his brain, Emmett was up and pulling the revolver from between the couch cushions. He snapped the cylinder out to assure himself it was loaded and ready for action. The flashlight on the nightstand had just been reloaded with fresh batteries a week prior, […]

Sanctuary: Five

The night crept on, and again Emmett was able to return to some sense of routine. There were no angry children looking for pets they weren’t supposed to have, no calls to wrangle a raccoon from an attic only to find it was dead the whole time, and not a single visit from representatives of […]

Sanctuary: Four

After the dreadful day of the coyote, Emmett found himself very lucky to have a quiet spell of days without a call or errand to run. The only thing he had to do was what he enjoyed, taking care of the animals. More importantly, the female raccoon he had went into labor in the wee […]

Sanctuary: Three

“Is this Emmett Mausberg, animal control services?”  “Something like that, yes. How can I help you?” “Hi there, Emmett, it’s Charles DuBois. I got a k’yot out here that’s looking real funny. I was wondering if you could come out and take a look?” Setting the knife on his front passenger seat, after sweeping innumerable […]