In the Gardens

Leura has a duty to her people, delivering requested offerings to an unseen entity deep beneath the seafloor. However, things begin to take a turn when she runs into a knight from a foreign land. Yet, a chance encounter with a man of the land is only the first stepping stone on this mermaid’s strange adventure.

In the Gardens: Part One

She tossed another of the shimmering iridescent scales up to the warrior who stood on the lighthouse docks. Thunder and lightning clashed and slashed through the cloudy night sky, but still, the magic of the beacon shown true across the coast. She flicked back her silvery hair, smiling up at the swarthy, bearded man with […]

In the Gardens: Part Two

The underwater tunnels were narrow, barely wide enough for a merm to swim through comfortably alone, but rare was it that any but Leura was in there. Sometimes there were fish or eel or some sort of crustacean, but with the current, those things did not stay long. There were times, however, that Leura found […]

In the Gardens: Part Three

Despite the boy’s kicking and screaming, Leura managed to bring him through the tunnels and all the way to Chysial-iun without any trouble. The only issue came when she tried to place a bubble around his head so that he would make it to the old god alive. He was so terribly worried, Leura could […]

In the Gardens: Part Four

Leura spent many days in the Gardens, still confused as to how she had come to that location twice in such quick succession. However, she wasn’t going to question it, seeing as she had pulled off another impossible feat by running into the Ilzenor again. As it was, land folk she traded with were often […]

In the Gardens: Part Five

The brittle stars and bio-luminescent flowers swirled by in the vortex, Leura really hoped wherever the tunnels took her this time would be new. Not as though the Gardens and Ilzenor hadn’t been a pleasing departure from the norm, but she wanted to see something new. Though rarely did her vacations from the sea last […]

In the Gardens: Part Six

The call came too quickly, just as Leura was getting a bit more comfortable with Ilzenor than she ever had with another person the old god spoke. Leaving was a hard thing to do, but the promise of looking for a means to turn this unexpected lover into one such as herself was too great […]

In the Gardens: Part Seven

With the scales dropped into the bowl that had once been a gaunt’s skull, clearly taken in its infancy, the deal was done. Ilzenor at first had believed the witches, but then the old adage of his estranged aunt rang in his ears. A witch is never to unmake their hex. To barter for a curse […]

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