Of Devils

In an age of war, an age of change, an age of devils.

In an age of great tumult, change is afoot. From across the sea, a tremendous horde has laid waste to all in their path. In the north, darkness broods and seizes more of the land. The south is desolate save for one lone soul on a quest that will surely end in blood. And in the east, strife prospers internally as nations battle amongst themselves. Yet, in these bleak seasons of violence and despair, change comes to clear the slate. Devils may creep, mortals turn corrupt, but the Lords of Verillia rise to quash this disorder.

Of Devils: One

The haggard driftwood canoe sloshed through poisoned waters and the plant life that fed on such fare. For days and nights, Kovarlin could recount his life upon the sea until, unlike such days, his floating tomb ran aground. Overhead, fixed in his views, the stars shimmered and cried their last smarting radiance of the night.…