The Final Defeat

The world has been forged anew, life given a chance that nature would never allow, and humanity altered beyond what anyone could fathom. Yet, this prospect of peace and calm, a lack of true feeling and emotion, nettles one individual. How it can all be, how this invented world works, and how he can stop it is all that flows through his head. Will he find the answer he’s looking for?

The Final Defeat: One

1. The year is… in truth, I’m not sure what year it is or month or even if time matters anymore in the world we have created. For all we know, outside of the simulacrum, the world we once…

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The Final Defeat: Two

2. As we lay there, Yiet and myself, I looked on my body in the mirror above though I saw through to the self that was independent of this form. It was with a strange horror that I allowed…

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The Final Defeat: Three

3. There was no exaggeration in Yiet when he said that things were dangerous beyond the realms the Dreadminds and Pleasurefiends dwelt. On the flat fields of the Fringe, just beyond the boundaries into any city, there was nothing.…

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The Final Defeat: Four

4. It took a lot of time, too long, but again I suppose time doesn’t mean much in the simulacrum, nor would it deter and defeat my goal. As we finished, Yiet proposed we absorb the entity that had…

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The Final Defeat: Finale

5. The artisan was true to his word, he took control of our clouded entity and steered us to the Edge. All around this final vestige of light in a world made of nothing but the stuff, darkness hung.…

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