Red-Eye Recommendations

I read a lot… maybe a little too much. But I do read a lot of books that aren’t in the public eye anymore or maybe never were big hits. I always love sharing a good book with people, even if ends up being pretty niche. I don’t plan for these to be particularly long reviews or include spoilers, but it’s going to be case by case. Expect one a month unless I hit a bad month for writer’s block. I hope at least a few of these get a surge of popularity cause most of them deserve it.

The Child Garden: A Gay Solarpunk Anti-authoritarian Masterpiece

I don’t often pick up books without doing some proper research on them. Every now and again, I’ll find a good deal and make that grade school mistake of judging a book by its cover. Typically, that methodology would lead to a recent read that wasn’t worth even the few dollars I spent on the…

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A Door into Ocean – Feminist Fish SF

I like to dabble. I have a great deal of love for select genres and archetypes, but I like to dabble. Sometimes when dabbling, I like to pick up something that sounds utterly removed from anything I’d actually enjoy. Moreover, every now and again, I like to pick up a book that takes a stance…

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