The Shell

Doctor Emily Reinhardt is the last of her team stranded on an alien planet. The Foundation promises extraction for the young woman, provided she can transport a research specimen with her. Yet, what lies between her and salvation is a planet unfit for humans and hostile to even its own. She’s the only one who can do it now, but can she do it?

The Shell: One

One: Static hummed, the recording looped again, and Emily heard Knox’s final message once more, “Remember, you are the only one who can do this now. Keep yourself safe, keep the shell safe, deliver…

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The Shell: Two

Two: Dreams of better times, visions of a lost lover, sensations that Emily had long lacked, the memory of Mona, coursed through her mind. Yet, the sweet and sensual were broken by the sudden…

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The Shell: Three

Three: Sizing up the route once more, Emily started running numbers in her head and projecting where she should be by dawn. What lay in the lands below was desolation, no doubt some sort…

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The Shell: Four

Four: Emily hurried away from the massive gash in the earth, it would take all night just to go around it, but perhaps it could slow any other predators. The rift had turned the…

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The Shell: Five

Five: Throwing herself into the deep gash leading into the planet, Emily barely hid herself from a cluster of the spider-like native creatures. Though they couldn’t have spotted her, lacking eyes as they were,…

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The Shell: Finale

Six: “Godspeed to you,” Knox came again, the recording rounding its twelfth or thirteenth playback. Emily lay in a dense mud, trying to pull herself hand over hand through to make it out of…

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