The Love Market: Chapter Sixteen

Where Piper felt most of her life that she was being discriminated against in the worst of ways, she found it played out in the military, with her ending up with little more than busy tasks that simply required a body. For that matter, she was put in charge of minding the three ex-Marketers stationed […]

The Love Market: (Part 3) Chapter Fifteen

“I guess I always wanted a child, but no one does that anymore. I thought, I guess when I was younger, I thought it was because no one wanted to grow up like me, clutching my stuffed pup so tight no one could tell I was trying to stop breathing, but I don’t think it’s […]

The Love Market: Chapter 14

Fourteen percent. After it was all calculated, for one reason or another, the Gray Party had only garnered fourteen percent of the vote. Ellit walked away with forty-four, and Juliet just shy of the mark with forty-three. The nine-millimeter bullet that had ripped its way through flesh and lodged itself in the bone stung less […]

The Love Market: Chapter 13

The final debate was the circus act that Lars and Beth had feared it would be, and with Bridgette in the hospital and the open slot for vice-president beneath Lawrence such a hot topic, it was made all the worse. To his chagrin, Lawrence found that neither the Red nor Blue parties wanted to attack […]

The Love Market: Chapter 12

Before his next public appearance, the news broke and nearly shattered Bethany’s composure as she read through the article. Lars listened only in part as he prepared his speech, figuring the only thing that might shock him would be the depths of the deception. He could already hear the headlines of hypocrisy and turning a […]

The Love Market: Chapter 11

The message was clear, the threat an accusation that would not require the slightest detail to be taken by the news, and Lars’ stomach was in knots. It wasn’t the first time he had read over the email, and it wouldn’t be his last. He had kept it from Beth, not sure how she would […]

The Love Market: (Part Two) Chapter 10

“It is my solemn promise to you, as your president, I will do all with the power of my office to further liberate the Markets. No longer will any person be off-limits or available only under extreme restrictions. My opposition would have you believe that their call for more public use terminals is the best […]

Update 4/24

So it’s time for a little check-in. I’ve decided this might be a thing to do every now and then, every other month, probably unless I’ve got big news. I’m not big into divulging my personal life, not because I’m that private; I’m just not that interesting, I think, but I’d like to keep anyone […]

Sanctuary: Twelve

Even from halfway down the road, Emmett felt a knot in his stomach, but laying eyes on the yard filled with debris, the panes without glass, the front door hanging slack against only one hinge, he realized he couldn’t have calculated just how bad things could have been. Stepping away from home for any length […]

Sanctuary: Eleven

The time between his graduation and this return to the local high school had not been terribly long, but to Emmett, it may well have been a lifetime. There was no pale reflection of the halls he once walked and classrooms he sat in within the sparsely adorned walls of the public high school. Everything […]