The Love Market: (Part 3) Chapter Fifteen

“I guess I always wanted a child, but no one does that anymore. I thought, I guess when I was younger, I thought it was because no one wanted to grow up like me, clutching my stuffed pup so tight no one could tell I was trying to stop breathing, but I don’t think it’s […]

Sanctuary: Eleven

The time between his graduation and this return to the local high school had not been terribly long, but to Emmett, it may well have been a lifetime. There was no pale reflection of the halls he once walked and classrooms he sat in within the sparsely adorned walls of the public high school. Everything […]

Sanctuary: Three

“Is this Emmett Mausberg, animal control services?”  “Something like that, yes. How can I help you?” “Hi there, Emmett, it’s Charles DuBois. I got a k’yot out here that’s looking real funny. I was wondering if you could come out and take a look?” Setting the knife on his front passenger seat, after sweeping innumerable […]

Sanctuary: One

The raccoon in enclosure eight would take some time to heal, Emmett knew, but more so, knowing this one would get well was fortune enough. Enclosure eight had become synonymous for the caretaker with worsening symptoms. It hadn’t started that way. Initially, it was just one of the last cages in the row for small […]