Of Mortals: Chapter Fourteen

Sirian lit her paw with a globe of sunlight, the action would have hardly burnt much of her Erkinan without day’s light feeding her power, but with it, it may as well have had no draw on her strength. She had Shi’Karil remain beyond the copse with the myter, an argument she only barely won […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Thirteen

Mishonrayel sat patiently awaiting the return of his accomplice as the twilight began to press on into the morning. The coyote figured it was better left to the quick and nimble cougar to track and catch their dinner or breakfast. Mishonrayel wasn’t quite sure what to call it at that point. It was not too […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Eleven

If the tumult that Sirian had left when entering the tent had been chaotic, what she returned to after her very brief conversation was bedlam, utter anarchy. More bodies and blood were scattered and splattered across the scene, with many more half-picked dry while others were stacked into loose mounds of a sort. Somewhere along […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Nine

There was no mollifying the gathered travelers, not after all they had seen or all that Mishonrayel had done in his fit of rage. Sirian had no ambition to turn the crowd’s overall emotions towards something less fearful; they had all the right to worry. For her part, Sirian was herself a bit concerned, to […]