Of Mortals: Chapter Six

Despite the twisting of ill magic happening just before them, Shi’Karil attempted to carry out the still half-finished spell. The cleansing fire still could work, she hoped; after all, it was what drove the depraved spirit out of dead flesh. Sirian tensed as the blood consolidated and began to form a dome in the center […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Five

The wolf and cougar leading the convoy dismounted, waving out a paw to the women behind them to remain in the saddles. From where Sirian and Shi’Karil sat, it was hard to say precisely what it was lying in the frozen grass. As the ravens cleared away, fighting to pull one last shred of meat […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Four

The tension in the tent was not lifted as another lynx came along. This one was in a mad hurry to find Shi’Karil despite it appearing as though this was where she would always station herself. He was a brawnier sort, his musculature looked awkward on such a small frame, and surely he would have […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Three

As they closed in on the temporary settlement that was sat in the center of the valley, a group of weary-looking warriors moved to accost them. Their immediate attitudes were not violent; however, the entirety of the company was put on guard as they laid eyes on Mishonrayel. Sirian had to ponder just how bizarre […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Two

Sirian stretched longingly towards the sun, the warming golden rays cascading down and soaking into her fur, reawakening more than just her dormant mind. It wasn’t quite so easy to feel nurtured and nourished by the heat with pale, ashen clouds slowly swamping the sky, but little else could be expected in early Winter. In […]

Of Mortals- Chapter One

The sound of wet, ripping canvas echoed across the snowed encased land as the almost ethereal ebony blades tore into and through fur and flesh. There were others that had poured into the campsite like a flood, but the cougar could not call them genuine friends. To have been freed once more on a pact […]