A Door into Ocean – Feminist Fish SF

I like to dabble. I have a great deal of love for select genres and archetypes, but I like to dabble. Sometimes when dabbling, I like to pick up something that sounds utterly removed from anything I’d actually enjoy. Moreover, every now and again, I like to pick up a book that takes a stance […]

The Love Market: Epilogue

The days of thunder and towering fire passed, but not without the slow chugging on of time in the face of such bedlam. Once it was finally played out, the nation went from a writhing snake rife with parasites and disease into a patchwork of cities that were bleeding out. Still, a sense of centralized […]

The Love Market: Chapter Seventeen

It took several minutes for Piper to disentangle herself as well as Sequoia from the wreckage of the truck. There was a fleeting moment where she had attempted to drag the others from the vehicle, but the notion seemed superfluous. Rose wasn’t moving anymore, and Mika’s head hung at an odd angle. Monroe had let […]