Of Mortals: Chapter Nineteen

Mishonrayel shifted back and forth on his feet, watching the groups merge and separating again and again on the streets far below in the city. From their vantage on the hill, there was no way a single one of the citizens below could sneak up on them. The dense, granite gray clouds hanging low in […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Eighteen

What heat was left of the coals dissipated the moment the stove door was opened. The chill of winter greedily devoured it before the women could ready to depart. In spite of it, they remained in the desolate building, something that could have been a homestead twice caught fire and finally given up on once […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Seventeen

Terlynn stared speechless at his father after informing him of his plan, and still after, he could not find proper words to address his father with. It wasn’t until after they had returned to their homeland that the prince’s mind began to really work over the idea put forth. Perhaps it wasn’t the idea itself […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Sixteen

Maxinimus watched from one of the high balconies as the three wagons from Desmus began their journey back north. It would be a lengthy one but one that would have to be made as brief as possible. There was a scent on the wind, the odor of more and ever deeper snow ready to fall […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Fifteen

The eerie yet sweet and somber and almost awe invoking cry of the carynx echoed across the barren lands encrusted in layers of pale sheets. Yerra- Maxinimus VI, stared almost blankly over the procession, his mind muddled and thoughts anything but coherent. There was likely enough a dreadful stench of ale on his breath, but […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Fourteen

Sirian lit her paw with a globe of sunlight, the action would have hardly burnt much of her Erkinan without day’s light feeding her power, but with it, it may as well have had no draw on her strength. She had Shi’Karil remain beyond the copse with the myter, an argument she only barely won […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Thirteen

Mishonrayel sat patiently awaiting the return of his accomplice as the twilight began to press on into the morning. The coyote figured it was better left to the quick and nimble cougar to track and catch their dinner or breakfast. Mishonrayel wasn’t quite sure what to call it at that point. It was not too […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Twelve

The midnight procession had begun as a hasty retreat but fell to a slowed, calmed meandering southward. It was nearing dawn as the refugees finally settled safe and sound at the top of a hill on which they could survey all of the land around them. Every single soul who hadn’t yet dropped from utter […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Eleven

If the tumult that Sirian had left when entering the tent had been chaotic, what she returned to after her very brief conversation was bedlam, utter anarchy. More bodies and blood were scattered and splattered across the scene, with many more half-picked dry while others were stacked into loose mounds of a sort. Somewhere along […]

Of Mortals: Chapter Ten

A daunting legion stood at the northern end of the camp as Sirian and her wolves penetrated the perimeter. They were a sight that none of them would forget and one that those among the wagons had clear not either. The whole lot of them were bestial, if that so commonplace word could even begin […]