Update 2/8/23

I don’t do this a lot, or ever. I don’t like speaking candidly about my life.
I want to say thank you to those of you who have followed me and read some of the stories I turn out.
I’ve been going through a trying period of my life, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to get my mind together to write.
It’s one of those things, a challenge that seems inconquerable to have all these ideas in your head but no means to really put them on the page.
To be honest, I’ve been tired, I’ve been unable to find myself capable mentally, and I’ve been crushed, frankly, beneath a mountain of depression, issues I’ve been running from all my life.
However, getting things together, editing, and posting on here has helped, and seeing the support that is here for when I am ready has helped to push me back into this thing that I love so dearly.
Because of that, struggling, fighting to get back in control, pushing stories along, and seeing a reaction, I wanted to speak up.

First, I want to reiterate, thank you. My reach with what I write I know isn’t great, and, being realistic, I doubt it will grow much more than it already has. I feel lucky to even know one person might bother to read what I’ve put out. I dream, like anyone else, that this hobby, this activity I devote as much time as possible to, will become my living. In recent years, I’ve admitted this is a delusion of grandeur for me; however, to see anyone like what I’ve put out is worth the same as if I had made a career out of writing.

Second, I wanted to give an update on how stories are coming along and coming out. I’ve got some stories on here I want to rework, scrap maybe a few, and continue others. I’ve been revising my main fantasy story to streamline things. With that, the story Of Mortals will be changed a bit and likely come out in random bursts and probably not directly connected. That series is dear to me, but I don’t know how to do it justice, and though I would do everything I can to make it perfect, right now, I’m looking at doing everything I can to get it all out and fix it from there. Maybe it won’t ever be a completed story, or perhaps it will take a rouge path wherein bits and pieces come along in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle; you have half the border, a chunk of a corner, two or three figures fleshed out in the middle, and now it’s just waiting to see how to connect them all. Having figured out the high points of the narrative, I could do it that way, but because I still hold out hope of it being published in a traditional fashion, I’m still trying to play inside the “rules” of narratives and fiction.

Following this logic and the inconstant nature of my mind and focus, stories will be coming more often, though which ones is hard to say. The Love Market is my main focus right now as I think its narrative and themes might appeal more to others than just myself. With that story, the intention is that it will be broken into parts. The first part, nine chapters, is already up. The second part I have scaped in my mind but not on the page. I have a vague plan for the third, but it is intended right now as loose ends. In addition to the Love Market, I’m looking to make brief synopsises of the stories I have logged in my files that will be either completed or seeing work done for the first time soon. I think that would be a good window for everyone into what I’m looking to do and maybe even get feedback about stories that excite you. I honestly would love to know what people who read my stories are interested in and what kind of stories they’d like to hear. For that matter, I don’t mind direct correspondence from anyone interested in my stories or just wanting to swap reading lists.

Finally, there are a few project ideas I’ve been kicking around that I might engage further if I think they could work. Analog horror, as I’m sure at least some of you know, is a big trend right now. The Wells Astrological Society is an example of a narrative written to be like that of an analog horror, but I’m thinking of taking that and turning some of the ideas into actual video, as plenty of the locations are based on places in my hometown. I’m also considering doing book reviews/ recommendations online, on youtube or TikTok, to kind of fill the void of writer’s block as well as get more eyes on my work but, most importantly, bring to light some novels that could use a spotlight for a minute. There is also the chance I will be commissioning some art for covers of stories I’m either working on or have finished. I find book covers, despite the adage about not judging by them, are an excellent means to excite potential readers. On that note of readership, though I know avid readers are not an extremely common thing right now, I’d appreciate it if any of you would share my stories with someone you think would be interested. As I’ve said, just having a few readers is enough to keep me pushing and turning out stories, but I’d obviously love to know that more minds are taking in my writing.

Which brings me back to a point I almost neglected. I have a series of essays and observations, musings really, that I have written out and am planning on putting into digital text. I’m not someone who likes to spout world views or hot takes on everyone, but some of these I feel will be entertaining if not a source of thinking. I don’t want to be out here trying to win people over to my side. I just like the idea of spotlighting ideas that will get people thinking. I love nothing more than having serious, CIVIL discussions about problems facing us all in modern times, so perhaps if those get attention, we’ll see where to go from there.

But that’s enough from me. If you took the time to read this, any of it, or any of the stories up here, I can’t rightly put words to my appreciation. To have even one person to support my visions or even just taking them in means the world. Thank you all.

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